Here's a JavaScript gadget I wrote when I was extremely bored by the school and the fourthcoming exam in Numerical Analysis.

Yes, JavaScript and not Java.
Anyhow MSIE 3.x will ignore it or (worse) will show some evil message boxes!

Maybe I'll use this idea later for a more serious purpose :)

This page is dedicated to Ionut Oanca, a good friend of mine who lives now in Australia.

(his picture aged 30 :)

(Don't belive me -- he's a smart guy who thinks fast but moves slowly :)

He was the one who helped me to make the first steps in Electronics when I was a child.

At that time when I was 8 or 9 I was fascinated by a device designed by him: a sort of snake made up by LEDs and lots of ICs. It worked (in a preliminary release) just like this gadget, except for the fact that the LEDs were red.